Jim Martin - Video Content Producer

... Solutions You Can See
providing visual solutions for corporate and business communications.

...Produce it on time, on budget and make us look great!

Jim Martin built his career on acheiving the mission. From his early days behind the camera, to his rise through the ranks of America's most respected Fortune Ten companies, Jim has consistenly delivered quality programs that strike results.

Jim's award-winning work is the product of strong work ethic and exhaustive knowledge of the video and multimedia industry.

At Verizon, he designed a multi-million dollar production studio and administered an annual production budget to match. Prior to that, he helped TeleCable of Richardson build its Texas franchise, creating the studio specs and hiring the staff.

Jim's ability to produce corporate television programs, including live broadcasts, video tapes, and DVDs encompasses all facets of broadcast production.

And now venturing into the digital age, Jim produces web site content, video streaming, and DVD authoring.

"Whatever it takes to get the job done,"
Jim Martin makes it happen.

Jim Martin
811 S. Central Expwy.
Suite 301A
Richardson, TX 75080